Double-action serum

Brightening solution + peeling for luminous, even skin and targeted action on dark spots.

  • Active ingredients

    Acid complex

    Immediately exfoliate and encourage cell renewal (glycolic, malic, salicylic acids).

    [W.]™+ brightening complex +

    Brightening and radiance action to visibly diminish dark spots (Azeloglycine, Vitamin PP, stabilised and vectorised Vitamin C derivative).

    H2CR™ complex

    Boost the pool of healthy cells and increase cellular harmony to lastingly optimise the skin’s functions (anti-oxidant and messenger peptides).

  • Use

    Brightening solution: For overall radiance: apply in the morning to entire face. For targeted action on dark spots: apply directly to dark spots, morning and evening. Peeling: for visibly luminous skin. Apply in the evening to entire face.

  • Scents




  • Benefits

    The skin regains and maintains its translucency, even tone and radiance. Brightened complexion: 12% after 3 weeks, 18% after 6 weeks. Reduced colour of dark spots: 37% after 3 weeks, 60% after 6 weeks.*
    *Colorimetric measurements. Tested on 20 subjects for 6 weeks with application of the Brightening solution in the morning on the entire face and application of the Brightening solution in the evening on dark spots, followed by the peeling on the entire face.

Product for : Skin type - All skin types Contains : Pump bottle 10ml x 2